About me

Nipaporn (Poolsawas) Goldberg

Born in countryside (Suphanburi province).She grew up where her neighbors gathered together at her grand parents courtyard using charcoal cooking stove to large mortar preparing foods for buddhist festival. During summer break,her family takes her back to grandparents’s in Suphanburi where she learns to cook.

Raised in Bangkok, from walking home after school each day and passing street vendors she began a long road of experimenting with Thai Cusine.

In 2000,her parents sent her to study and stay with her mum’s friend in Brisbane,Australia who has a delicious and popular Thai Restaurant.She started from cleaning everything,washing dishes,wiping table,mopping floor and helping the prep. She became more obsess about cooking and start reading from cookbooks to Thai tradition cooking blogs.

In 2005, she graduated from Queensland college of Art major in Design.

Back in Thailand, She is Thai street food girl,eating local food is her happiness.
She learns more Tradition Thai cooking from her mum and also her grandparents’s neighbors.

In 2015, after 6 years of living in france,she still keep her passion in Cooking and Design.